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I have a business and I want to go digital. What do I need beside a website? + -

Going digital doesn’t always mean having a website. A lot of businesses thrive without a website while still having strong digital presence. Many of them only have a social page, which means they have a business page on one or several social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

Digitising your business can mean as simple as storing your data in digital form so it can be processed more efficiently. As a matter of fact, your business data is one of your most valuable assests. And here at TerraLab we can help you maximise the commercial potentials of your business data.

But I just want a website, that’s all… + -

Yes, great. If you already have the design for your website, we can immediately build it for you. There are two options:

1. Instant website: We can use WordPress to build your website. If the design is already done, you can have your website deployed online in a few days, depending on the complexity of the design and web features.

2. Customised website: If you want a much-more complex or a unique website, we can also helo you build it from scratch.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a design for your website yet. We can definitely help you design your dream website.

What functionalities can you build on my website? + -

Anything from collecting subscribers to processing online payments to some cool augmented reality gimmick and GPS tracking.

If you can think of it, we can make it.

What happens after my website has gone online? + -

We can assist you with its maintenance. If you need to update its content regularly, we can also do that for you.

Even better, we can also create the content for your website and social media accounts.

Can you make mobile apps? + -

Yes, indeed. We can make mobile apps for both Android and IOS phones.

This includes mobile games too.

Can you make a software for my business? + -

Yes, we can create software for any kind of business. We have developed a software for human resources, we have created a management software for spa businesses, we can make a software for offset and printing business and much more.